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12/16/2020: Vaccination Day!

Leading by example. This is me getting the COVID-19 vaccine! It is also me realizing that while this angle does a lot to make my arm look like a toothpick, I definitely need to work out a bit more.

I know that I am a frontline worker and I do get exposed to a certain amount of risk. But I am also aware that I am privileged to be able receive the vaccine literally the first day it’s available.

The atmosphere here today is one of hope. No one feels pressured to get the vaccine except from a public health standpoint. Instead we are here because we want to be. We are excited to take this first step to getting immunity for ourselves and preparing the way for others, the first step to ending this pandemic.

Again, unless you have access to a rapid 24-hour turnaround test, and are quarantining now in preparation, please do not plan for a gathering with people outside your immediate household on Christmas/New Year’s/other holidays. My hospital and so many others are already bursting at the seams. We cannot safely endure a bigger surge after the holidays. It is a dangerous time right now.

Warnings aside, I have one more dose coming in a few weeks, and I will not be letting my guard down. I will still be masked, maintaining distance, and avoiding intimate gatherings. This is the first step, but we can’t let up. Pandemic fatigue is real, but there is a light at the end of the tunnel.

12-17-20 Update: My left shoulder is still a bit sore. That’s it. I came home yesterday, did a short arm stretch/workout, and played the drums. Today I slept in because it’s my day off, and then worked out. Your mileage may vary, but not bad!

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