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1st Presidential Debate 2024

I didn’t watch it live, but reviewing video -last night’s debate confirms a few things:

One candidate is an old man who is a convicted fraud and rapist who lies loudly and constantly so he seems like he knows what he’s talking about, and tried to overthrow the government in a temper tantrum and probably plans to do the same thing instead of accepting election results (despite evidence of most fraud attempts being on the Republican side).

The other is an old man who has a speech impediment so that when he does talk, trying to discuss nuanced policy and, at first, actually answer the questions, he “seems old.” (Don’t get me wrong - Joe Biden has had good debate performances, last night sucked. Terrible prep on his team’s part.)

The apparent third-party candidate is a conspiracy theorist who is responsible for dozens of child deaths and plans for more with his anti-science rhetoric and also supposedly has literal brain worms.

And the news network who was supposed to moderate this debate asked terrible questions with a shameful laziness in their lack of fact-checking as Trump just vomited lies all over the stage, and then offered too little too late way after the fact.

The Democratic administration has not done a great job of cultivating its progressive voters, but it has still made gentle strides in that direction despite all of the opposition.

Trump has already laid out goals to continues his record of dividing the country and stripping rights from anyone who isn’t a straight white man.

Yeah, these aren’t great choices, but only one will actually move America forward and maintain your right to vote in future elections, and it isn’t the convicted felon or the anti-vaxxer.

(And because I’m me: after-birth abortion isn’t a thing. That’s called infanticide, it’s murder and not a healthcare procedure, and there are already laws against that.)

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