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A Brief Reminder About Infection-Mediated Immunity (Why "Natural Immunity" is a Misnomer)

For what ought to be the last time, but will not be, I know: Having had COVID in the past is not enough. It is not. We all wish it was. But it is not. People keep citing a previous COVID-19 infection as a reason to decline the vaccine. We have multiple laboratory and real-world studies that show that infection-mediated immunity is extremely variable, and more often than not, temporary (~3 months). Vaccine-mediated immunity (which is still natural immunity - it’s still YOUR immune system, just with instructions!) lasts longer and holds up better against variants. Even with talk of boosters (and this isn’t the only vaccine that needs boosters), the only way out of this pandemic PERMANENTLY is to #GetVaccinated. Go today (unless you are currently symptomatic from COVID-19 or have received monoclonal antibodies in the last 90 days). Protect yourself and others, for real.

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