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COVID-19 and Racial Disparities in Vaccines

It’s Black History Month. As I vowed last month, I want to amplify Black voices. So here’s an article by Drs. Uché and Oni Blackstock, discussing inequities in vaccine distribution (there are articles and graphs floating around already noting the disparity between vaccine dissemination areas and racial distribution, and we have seen places where state governments have actually moved vaccine centers away from communities with Black/People of Color - looking at you, Texas). Given how much mistrust of the medical system there is among Black people and People of Color (with good reason) the Drs. Blackstock propose realistic solutions. Worth a read. Also, go follow both Drs. Blackstock on Twitter (@uche_blackstock and @oni_blackstock).

"Additionally, vaccine appointments at sites in Black communities should and must be prioritize for people living in those communities."

"...receiving the vaccine and not being pushed out by people from less-impacted areas."

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