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(Belated) January 5, 2021: COVID-19 Vaccination Dose #2

This one's a few days late because, quite frankly, I forgot to post it here the day of, and then the day after (yesterday) was the day Trump incited insurrection and terrorism to strike our nation's Capitol building, and everything else went by the wayside. But here it is:

Vaccine #2! (Post-Vaccination Update in Comments) This is not simply a personal choice. This is not simply an individual choice. This is a choice for public health. This is a choice I make for my patients, my family, my community, and my country. This is not simply a me, it’s a duty. Please continue to ask questions! I strongly believe, and the evidence supports that, as many people as possible should be vaccinated, so I’d like the opportunity to talk about it with you. Also feel free to look back through my many posts about COVID-19.

In the meantime, please continue to wear a mask, maintain physical distance from others outside your immediate household, and wash your hands frequently. I will still be doing that, even after this vaccine sets in. (Also yes, I’m still working on my arms so I didn’t take as broad of a picture today.) #VaccinesWork #VaccinesCauseAdults #COVID19 #FauciOuchie ***Post-Vaccination Update*** This one affected me more. My left shoulder got sore within just a few hours. I again did an arm workout when I got home, just to keep the arm moving/muscles working. I took acetaminophen preemptively the night of the vaccine because I had to work a 12-hour shift the next day. Post-Vaccination Day 1: Fine for the morning except for significant left shoulder pain. Had to take another acetaminophen around 1:00 PM due to aches and mild chills. Again at 9:00 PM before bed. Post-Vaccination Day 2: All better except the mildest twinge in my left shoulder. Overall not bad, though I know some people have had worse reactions. A couple of people felt like they had a full-on flu-like illness, but that for a day is still worse than COVID for days/weeks/months, or longer.

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