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So a couple of videos have come out in the last couple of weeks claiming to reveal bombshell information about COVID-19 and the physical distancing we’ve had in place for the past two months. Both of these videos make factually wrong statements and play up to people’s desires to end physical distancing and dismiss COVID-19 as less serious than it is. If you can spend half an hour watching "Plandemic", you can read this.

The Bakersfield docs: 1. Testing thousands of rural California patients who go to an urgent care is NOT representative of most COVID-19 cases. Any doctor working in an ER or inpatient ward will tell you that. Patients young, old, healthy, chronically ill - this virus doesn't discriminate. There's a bit of correlation to age and sickness, but not enough of one to justify the opinion that you won't get sick if you're young and healthy. 2. Board-certified emergency or internal medicine doctors have a mild education in basic epidemiology and virology. One of the Bakersfield docs is not board-certified, so it’s not even clear if he has that level of education there. Even if he did, their statements prove that they have no understanding of epidemiology or statistics and how to apply them to the population. 3. No one is inflating COVID-19 death numbers. I have already talked about this in a previous status. If anything we are UNDERcounting deaths because we haven’t been able to test properly. But more importantly, doctors have to have reasons and symptomatic/laboratory evidence for making a diagnosis. That’s why we document so thoroughly. 4. They used the video as an opportunity to advertise their urgent care center and recruit patients.

Plandemic: 1. Mikovits IS a PhD. She DID do some impressive research on HTLV as a laboratory technician before getting her degree. She also left that lab to work with her husband and was out of the research field for 5 years before being recruited to the Whittemore-Peterson Institute to research Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS). 2. She published a paper concluding that a retrovirus was the cause of CFS. 10 (TEN) different studies tried to replicate her results and couldn’t. Her conclusions were the results of a lab contaminant, which led to the paper getting retracted. And then she was fired. 3. After she was fired, she was found to have stolen research notebooks and kept proprietary information in her personal files. The restraining order was not to keep from her “speaking the truth” but to prevent her from destroying those files. 4. She claims she's not antivaccine but then makes false claims about vaccines (contrary to her words, there ARE vaccines for RNA viruses that work, like polio; and also there is NO evidence that the flu vaccine contains coronavirus; that's not how vaccines work - and besides, there are plenty of videos of people reading vaccine ingredient lists to prove that). She does the same thing about Fauci, which you can also prove wrong with a simple search. 5. She also brings up hydroxychloroquine, another false flag. We had hopes for it, because in the lab, it seems to work on SARS-CoV viruses. In actual people, though, it didn’t seem to make a difference – if it did, it wasn’t much of one. That was also proven not just in the anecdotal experience of thousands of physicians across the country, but in formal research papers. 6.She’s using this to promote a book and her platform.

As I’ve said before, social/physical distancing sucks. And yes, it does feel like it’s never-ending. These two videos are telling people what they want to hear, that they don’t need to worry about COVID-19 and that we can just go back to the way things were before. That’s not true. It’s probably unreasonable to stay locked down until we have a vaccine. No working physician or scientist is saying that. If you hear that, it’s either gaslighting or a false flag meant to make these preventative measures seem extreme. But we do need more widespread testing and the infrastructure for contact tracing (to follow and quarantine those who have been exposed) to be able to reasonably, slowly, and safely open up again. There is no easy way back, and life is not going to instantly be the same. These videos are actual grifters and charlatans disguising their wares as pseudoscience and quackery. Don’t buy what they’re selling, and don’t give them your time.

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