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To People Who Claim "mY bOdY, mY cHoIcE" When Faced With Vaccine Requirements

A follow-up to my previous post about how vaccine requirements are not oppression or discrimination: STOP trying to appropriate “my body, my choice” as a reason for not getting vaccinated.

“My body, my choice” started as a protest against politicians taking away the rights of people with uteruses, taking away the choice of how to proceed with a decision that should remain between a birthing person and their physician, and ONLY affects the person who would have to give birth. It is never a decision taken lightly, and that person lives with the consequences (which don’t fall to anyone else who is not willing to take them on).

Not getting vaccinated remains your choice, and no one is taking that from you. The consequences, however, are that measures be taken to avoid putting others at risk by spreading infection, however unwittingly. Hence vaccine requirements (and mask mandates). The pandemic is a public health issue, and each individual affects everyone around them. It is a choice, but it is not a personal choice.

It’s not the same. Vaccination is a choice, but not a personal choice. It affects those you interact with. Decide if you want to get vaccinated or not, but stop appropriating “my body, my choice”, a legitimate protest slogan, because you are reluctant to face the consequences of your actions.

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