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Transgender Students in Sports

I forget that I'm supposed to be updating this website along with my Facebook page. This month I'm mostly focusing on Black Lives since it's Black History Month, but this story also recently came out. In Montana, they were voting on bills regarding transgender students in sports.

I don't have as much to say here, but here are screenshots and the article written by a pediatrician in Montana where she discusses the science and breaks down the myths regarding transgender students.

Politics surrounding transgender individuals are back in the news again (and so are misguided memes about said individuals). This article, by a Montanan pediatrician, explains why those memes are misguided and breaks down some of the myths surrounding transgender individuals in sports and life. It should be noted that, according to medical professionals who work with them, most kids these days are not inherently worried about their transgender classmates playing sports in the right divisions. They have to be taught that brand of prejudice.

“If transgender women really had so many advantages, we’d be seeing a lot more high-profile transgender women winning competitions. But it turns out there is actually no overrepresentation of transgender women on the podiums, anywhere; transgender people are vastly underrepresented in sports. Only a tiny handful compete in the NCAA, and the single transgender Olympian, Chris Mosier, is a transgender male (assigned female at birth).”

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